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Thesis Theme Videoz Review

Thesis Videoz Review

I got an email the other day from a fellow marketer, Mark Acutt who create Black Belt Live Case Study and now Thesis Videoz

He is the one that finally convinced me to buy the Thesis Theme. Only because  his bonus was what I needed (a pimped out custom.css file).

I had no idea how to do php or css so if it was something I could just copy and paste, then great.

Mark has just release his 2.0 verstion of his files called Thesis Videoz.

He has created 5 videos that show you how to set up wordpress to optimize for seo and also for better functionality.

He includes his beefed up custom.css file, a footer file and a wicked 404 error code.

The css file is just killer as there a lot of great ways to use the code and create killer sales pages and posts and pages as all the h1 tags are formated for great visual appeal.

Then there are all the great color boxes that you can then create focus on different aspects of your copy etc.

No, I have yet to implment the css on this site, so sorry this post is a little boring, but I first wanted to let you know about the thesis videoz package before I add the custom.css code.

The first thing you need to get is a copy of the Thesis Theme. If you don’t already have a copy then click here for a great review as to why you should get it.

When you have got thesis then go and click here to the Thesis Videoz page to get your copy of the files.

Bonus: Buy Thesis or Thesis Videoz through my affiliate link, send me your receipt through the contact form and I will send you a video of how I use the thesis videoz to pimp out a adsense, amazon blog to maximize revenues

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