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I want to create a place to share what I have learned about health. Check out my About page to find out more about me and my philosophy and if you are struggling with your health and want to develope a strategy to get yourself feeling well again check out my work with me page.

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Add more to your workout with the right type of cardio Click Here For Visual Impact Cardio Create a balanced physique Click Here For Visual Impact Muscle Maximize muscle tone, train the nervous system Click Here For Visual Impact Frequency Train for strength but not for BULK Click Here For Visual Impact Women

The Ultimate Covid19 CoronaVirus update: 17/04/2020

I have been like most people going through my daily email box with all sorts of information on Covid19. Facebook is full of information; I can’t seem to look at anyone’s feed without seeing some sort of corona virus information. It has almost got too overwhelming with too much info and too many opinions. So, [...]

Mastering Diabetes

You probably reached this page either because you have diabetes or you know someone with diabetes. I want to show you how I think you can reverse insulin resistance permanently and get control back of how your body uses insulin. If you are not paying attention to your health and are not feeling well, then [...]

How to Thrive Amidst the CVD-19 Crisis: Expert Panel on Diabetes, Immunity, and Chronic Disease

Discover how to lower your risk and poserper in this crisis. Register for this Special 3-Day Online Summit and Discover… Why are people with diabetes considered high risk? What’s the actual science behind what’s happening? Is it true that the people at the highest risk are only the elderly? Are people with type 1 diabetes, [...]